Jonathan S. Westin

Director of Health Policy, JFNA

Jonathan Westin's areas of expertise are legislative strategy and advocacy related to health delivery, long-term care, and aging. This includes key programs such as Medicaid and Medicare, which fund nearly three-quarters of the care delivered by Jewish communal providers. He also concentrates on the intersection of private/public initiatives that will prepare the nation for the health needs of the Baby Boom generation.

During his tenure with JFNA, Jonathan has focused on ensuring that vital funding streams are protected for Jewish aging facilities, hospitals and other community-based providers. He has played an integral role in securing reimbursement rates for home health and skilled nursing services for those needing long-term care services. He has worked tirelessly to ensure that Medicaid continues to adequately serve the most vulnerable, regardless of age or disability. He currently serves as a national co-chair of The Long-Term Care Financing Collaborative, a bi-partisan effort focused on seeking a consensus-driven long-term care proposal that can passed by Congress and enacted by the Administration.

Jonathan is active with several leading nonprofits and serves on several health and long-term care coalition boards, including the Partnership for Medicaid and the Leadership Council of Aging Organizations. In 2010, he was nominated and approved for membership in the National Academy of Social Insurance, an organization comprised of the leading experts on social insurance. 

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