Shirly Kogen

Organizational Consultant, Lotem

Born in the snowy Ural Mountains, Shirly Kogen made aliyah in 1991 with her mom and grandmother and fell in love with the sunny, never-boring life in Israel.

She is an organizational consultant at Lotem, an Israeli leading management consulting firm which supports organizations in developing management skills and business processes. She is also facilitates teachers and works with them using the tools and theory provided by Positive Psychology through the Meitiv research institute. Prior to that, Shirly worked a few years at the Knesset and was the program manager of the Argov fellowship program for leadership and diplomacy at IDC Herzliya.

She is currently also a research student at the IDC Herzliya School of Psychology, writing her thesis on resilience. Shirly holds a BA cum laude in international relations & communications from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a MA cum laude in organizational behavior from IDC. She enjoys yoga, meditation and as much travels as time permits.   

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