Arielle Di-Porto

Director of the Aliyah Division, The Jewish Agency for Israel

Arielle Di-Porto has been involved with The Jewish Agency for Israel for over 30 years. Born in Safi, Morocco she made Aliyah at the age of 17, to study Arabic and mathematics at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Arielle moved to Italy in 1985, and shortly after, joined office of The Jewish Agency emissary in Rome. There, she began what has been an impressive career of working with highly sensitive, sometimes risky aliyah missions from the Middle East and North Africa. She was responsible for the aliyah of the Albanian Jewish community—some 350 people, and managed the Ethiopian immigration when there were no direct flights from Adis to Tel Aviv. Arielle also managed critical and sensitive immigration missions that passed through Italy from Tunis, Cuba, and Syria.

Today, Arielle serves as the Acting Director of the aliyah section in the aliyah and klitah unit of The Jewish Agency.  Her current responsibilities include promoting Aliyah, especially in Europe and the Middle East. Arielle has brought her expertise and well-honed skills to effectively manage critical, often clandestine missions from Iran, Pakistan, Yemen, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Tunis and Yemen. With the increase in Aliyah from France, Arielle is in the forefront of their aliyah and absorption in Israel.

Most recently, Arielle was responsible for the secret immigration Yemenite Jews. Together with the emissary in the region, she helped facilitate their aliyah and worked to ensure their safe arrival in Israel. She has two children and is proud to be raising them in Israel.  

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