Zvi Drizin

Founder and Director, The Intown Chabad, Dallas

Zvi Drizin is passionate about Jewish young adults. A risk-taker, he opened an educational center nearly four years ago in a hip part of Dallas. Intown Chabad targets Jewish 20-somethings and gives them the opportunity to connect to each other and to their heritage.

If the word ‘Chabad’ sends out a particular message, Rabbi Zvi hopes to counter that by demonstrating love and respect for all Jews from all backgrounds. In his spare time, he likes to ski, play music and read.

Intown Chabad is unique. While there are organizations and synagogues dedicated to teens and college students, there are no national religious organizations catering solely to post college-pre children young adults. Intown Chabad is now the number-one place in Dallas for young Jewish adults. There are currently over 10 cities that have young adult Chabad houses in America. Zvi runs a listserv and regular conferences with the goal of unifying and expanding. His dream is to eventually open similar centers around the world.

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