Reeva Ninio

Director, JDC-Tevet Overseas Partnerships

As director of strategic partnerships and human resources  at JDC's TEVET employment initiative, Reeva is responsible for the promotion of JDC's groundbreaking employment initiatives to reduce poverty in Israel. She is the primary liaison between JDC's employment professionals and funding partners, working to deepen donors' involvement and to cultivate new partnerships.  

Prior to this position, Reeva was involved in fostering JDC donor relations in emerging markets, including the U.K., France, Germany, Australia, and South Africa, where JDC is working to develop a stronger organizational presence.  A native of South Africa, Reeva brought her unique perspective on the culture of fundraising outside of North America.

Before joining JDC, Reeva served as a shlicha to the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, where she was responsible for implementing the Washington-Beit Shemesh Yehuda Plains Partnership 2000 program.  Leading up to that, Reeva was director of Partnership 2000 in Beit Shemesh, where she adopted a lay leadership model.  These experiences have given her a holistic perspective on the relationship between donors and JDC programs in the field. 

Seeking common cause with her three sons, Reeva plays on the JDC basketball team.  

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