Alon Davidi

Mayor, Sderot

Alon Davidi has dedicated himself to a city under constant fire. Born and raised in Beer Sheva, he and his wife moved to Sderot looking for a close, intimate community. A few years later, he entered politics on a platform of increasing safety.

Elected mayor of Sderot in October 2013, he is responsible for keeping its 25,000 residents safe from the hundreds of rockets and mortars launched at the city each year from neighboring Gaza. The Jerusalem Prize-winner is particularly concerned with developing fortified buildings—apartments, schools, play spaces that can withstand missiles and the ongoing attacks.

Alon is the son of Aharon Davidi, z”l, a storied IDF lieutenant-general, and he served in an elite unit of the IDF. Together, he and his wife have seven children. 

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