Dr. Ron Wolfson

Fingerhut Professor of Education, American Jewish University

Ron Wolfson, PhD is a Fingerhut Professor of Education for the Graduate Center for Education of American Jewish University.  He joined the AJU faculty in 1975 as an acting professor. 

During his 35-plus year career at AJU, he has served as director of the education department, founding director of the Whizin Center for the Jewish Future, director of the Ramah Academy, dean of the Fingerhut School of Education, special assistant to the president, and vice president of the university. 

Dr. Wolfson is a frequent scholar-in-residence for synagogues and communities, speaking on a wide range of topics in Jewish life. He is co-founder and  co-president of Synagogue 3000, an institute whose mission is to catalyze excellence in synagogue life. A pioneer in the field of Jewish family education, Dr. Wolfson is a member of the Consortium for the Jewish Family. 

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