Zoya Shvartzman

Director, Strategic Partnerships, JDC Europe

Zoya Shvartsman is director of strategic partnerships in JDC-Europe. Born in Kishinev, Moldova, Zoya has  lived in Vancouver, Montreal, Mexico, Budapest and Tel Aviv. She brings a global outlook to her role and attempts  to strengthen the Jewish identity of the next generation, cultivate a sense of global responsibility within Jewish communities and ensuring the future of Jewish communities worldwide.

Zoya's work for JDC brings her in daily contact with people of all ages who benefit from JDC's outreach activities. Her genuine concern for people in need and her passion for continuity of Jewish life are contagious. She believes European communities are at a turning point - a critical juncture in their development.

Zoya began working for JDC in 2007. Her professional responsibilities include managing partnerships with multiple US Jewish federations, donor field missions and visits, and running JDC’s “Bereshit” program—an intensive community course in Jewish Studies.  

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