Sara Ezra Torf-Fulton

Marriage Freedom in Israel Supporter and MSC Candidate at ACTCM

As an activist for marriage freedom within Israel, Sara Ezra Torf-Fulton has experienced first hand the injustice of the current Rabbinical Court Laws. When Sara and Tzachi, an Israeli-born Jew, filed for a marriage license within Israel, they were denied because of Sara's conservative conversion after being adopted at birth into a Jewish family. Sara and Tzachi were later legally married in Cyprus, and had celebrations with their family and friends in both Tel Aviv and California. 


Sara grew up as an active member of Temple Beth Torah, in Ventura, California. Living the typical life of a Jewish American, she studied torah, was bat mitzvahed, spent summers at Gindling Hilltop Camp and participated in NFTY. Later, Sara continued to help build the Jewish community as an active member of Sonoma State University's Hillel Movement, serving as the event coordinator for Shabbat dinners and community events. 


Originally moving to Israel as a participant of MASA Career Israel in 2012, she ended up making aliyah. Since then, Sara has been busy volunteering as a medic for Magan David Adom, enjoying a honeymoon trekking in Nepal, and continuing her studies. This winter she will be beginning her MSTCM studies at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Before moving to Israel, Sara was involved in creating sustainable communities, serving at President of Sonoma State’s Slow Food Chapter, Secretary of Sonoma State’s Student Planning Association, and an active member of the California Planning Association. She worked on the Healthy by Design: A Public Heath and Land Use Planning Workbook that won an Award of Excellence at the 2011 APA California Awards. 

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