Yonat Daskal

Paramedic, Magen David Adom

Yonat Daskal was born in 1991. After graduating from “Ulpenat Yeshurun” (Yeshiva for Girls), Yonat enlisted in the IDF and was trained as a paramedic. First stationed with the Kfir brigade, she later joined the special unit of the Nachal Brigade.

When she was released from the IDF, Yonat began working for Magen David Adom, the Israeli national EMS services and national blood bank, in the mobile intensive care unit and in the National Dispatch Center. 

During Operation Protective Edge, Daskal participated as a paramedic as as part of her reserved duty in the Naha”l Brigade, where she managed a mass casualty incident where ten soldiers were wounded and an officer killed. Daskal is currently a Pre-Med student at Ariel University.

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